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Before Installation

Before installing your bundles, co-wash them with a sulfate-free, moisturizing conditioner (unless coloring hair prior). Comb the hair gently with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends and working your way up to the weft. Rinse your bundles thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water. If time permits, allow the hair to air-dry instead of using a blow dryer.

Installation Tips

We strongly recommend that you have a professional stylist install your hair extensions, frontals, closures or wigs.

As your own hair grows in, we recommend scheduling maintenance appointments with your stylist approximately every two weeks (depending on the application method) to avoid any excessive tangling or breakage of your own hair. If you are installing your extensions yourself, sew around the wefts, not through them, to avoid destroying the weft construction. This will prolong the life of your bundles.

Routine Maintenance

Styled By Sublime' hair extensions can last up to 2 years if properly maintained and cared for. Take care of your extensions by keeping them moisturized with leave-in conditioners, avoiding excessive manipulation, and using protective products like heat protectants. Always exercise gentle care when combing or brushing. Remember, like your own hair, using too much heat or shampooing too frequently can dry out your extensions and cause damage or breakage.


Detangle straight and wavy hair with a wide tooth comb. If you have a curly hair pattern moisturize it gently.


Co-wash your hair with a good moisturizing conditioner and then allow your hair to air dry.


Reinstall your hair to ensure that your braids are tight and your hair is fresh.

Wigs, Frontals & Closures

Avoid bobby pins, clips, scratching, or anything that could puncture or damage the lace. All of our lace products are handmade and each hair is individually tied, so any harsh manipulation will cause excessive shedding. Always gently comb from the ends and work your way up with a wide tooth comb.

We recommend having your frontals, closures, and wigs washed by a professional stylist, but if you shampoo yourself, be sure to massage in one direction only.

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